Saturday, July 5, 2014

Misako's Lolita World in Taiwan!

If anybody is coming to Taiwan in September, you are lucky because Kawaii Ambassador Misako Aoki is hosting events in Taiwan! The information is taken from the Japan Lolita Association Taiwan Branch facebook page and I translated it for anybody who will be here for this!

Misako’s Lolita World
青木美沙子ロリータファッションbook Taiwan book signing + tea party

※Event time and place:
9/20(Sat) Taipei 13:00~16:30 First Hotel Taipei top floor conference hall

9/21(Sun) Tainan 13:30~17:00 Zenda Suites conference hall

※Event location details:
〈9/20(Sat) Taipei〉
First Hotel Taipei top floor conference hall
104台北市中山區南京東路二段63號 (This is the address. I find it easier to use the Chinese address when searching or you can print it out and show a taxi driver)
02 2541 8234

〈9/21(Sun) Tainan〉
台南市東區大學路2號 (address)
Telephone: 06-275-8999

※Cost of Entry/Date of Registration:
〈Taipei〉 Limit 40~50 guests (in 100-person capacity space)
〈Tainan〉 Limit 40~50 guests (in 60-person capacity space)

Cost (includes 2-3 refreshments and endless red tea)
A.〈Early Bird〉NT$1350:
Pay by 7/20 + send in registration form

Pay by 8/31 + send in registration form

C. After 8/31 there are only at-the-door tickets at NT$1550
*Taipei Tea Party guests from outside of the Taipei, New Taipei, and Kilung areas will be reimbursted NT$50 to help with travel costs
*Tainan Tea Party guests from outside of the Kiaohsung and Tainan areas will be reimbursted NT$50 to help with travel costs

※Event Details:
(1)Tea Party
(2)Book Purchase and Book Signing:
Set of book + 1 premier postcard + autograph
Price is 750 NTD
Book introduction:
Basically it is Misako-chan demonstrating and explaining various Lolita styles, coordinates, and basic knowledge.
(3)Misako Sale
E.g., rings, second-hand dresses, etc.
Participants from last year's tea party already know
Misako's dresses are all popular BABY brand dresses
In like-new condition; it's really a deal!
Price estimate around 3500NTD
(4)Best Four Coordinates
Two winners each from Taipei and Tainan. Guests in Lolita attire on the day of the event can introduce their point of fashion to Misako-chan and the other guests. The winners will be chosen by Misako-chan.
Winners will receive special prizes.

1.***Registration is not considered complete until fees are paid***
One fees are paid and registration is successful, there will be no refunds given for any reason. If the event is cancelled, full refunds will be given.
2. Lolitas please maintain a neat and clean appearance in hair and makeup for the event and wear full Lolita attire. Please wear only official Brand items, handmade, or custom items. Knockoffs and pirated designs are not acceptable. If there is confusion or discrepancy please ask beforehand.
3. Regular attire please wear casual formal wear or dresses. Please maintain a neat and cleas appearance in hair and makeup, wear authentic brand clothes. Knockoffs and pirated designs are not acceptable. If there is confuison or discrepancy please ask beforehand.
4. Only accepting money transfer to take payment right now.
5.The organizer reserves the right to change the event details as needed.
6. Lolita Fashion is not Cosplay or maid cosplay. Any guess wearing eithre of these costumes will be denied entry.

1.ID: 0700-0001236-0584810
2.Amt. paid:
A 7/20 - 1350
B 8/31 - 1450
C 8/31 at-the-door-tickets for 1550
3.If you require an account, please send a message to the organier.

Copy and fill out the following chart and email it to
信件標題【報名Misako’s Lolita World茶會】
1.真實姓名:(real name)
2.暱稱:(online handle)
4.手機:(cell phone)
5.匯款後5碼:(last five numbers of the account your transferred money from)
6.使用方案:(which set you are buying)
7.報名場次:(台北/台南) Choose (Taipei/Tainan)
8.是否購買NTD$750的「書+簽名+明信片」特典/數量:Will you buy the NTD750 book and gifts set? and how many?

****Do not sent in a registration until you have paid. This form is not a reservation and will not save you a seat*****************
****After payment is received your registration is considered complete If only partial payments are received, the registration is not considered complete until the final payment has been paid in full********
****The above does not cover other events that may cost money so please prepare some spending money***************** Read More......

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fashion University: Blooming Blossom

SUMMER BREAK!!!!!! Woohoo I just had my first day of summer break yesterday :)
My final project was to design an outfit for a brand so naturally I did BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT
Here are some photos from my photoshoot:

I'm using the "Photobucket Stories" function so I hope this works properly!
ABCLolita's Story

I made a matching outfit for my teddy bear, haha! I've started a fanpage for her on facebook here which shows more of my quick, personal life since I don't take many photos of myself. I feel like it's easier to just take photos of my teddy bear haha!

My headdress I made for this look is something I'm proud of. It was made using a traditional method of accessory-making we learned about in Chinese Clothing History by the Hakka people of Taiwan. Since they didn't have as much money or access to precious metals and gems, they made their hair accessories using wire, embroidery thread, paste, and plain cardboard. It was quite difficult and time-consuming to make, and I actually used loads of double-sided tape to help the thread stay in place because I couldn't do it without!

The building in the background is the Taipei Story House, which is incredibly cute! It was closed at the time we were taking photos so we couldn't get photos in the surrounding gardens, but getting the second-story background was quite lovely too :) Read More......

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day after Summer International Loliday Meetup! NO LACE

I forgot I hadn't posted about this meetup from June 8! It was another challenge theme meetup: NO LACE
It should come as no surprise that putting together an entire coordinate with zero lace was quite difficult so I actually ended up going with a casual punk Lolita style (at least I got to wear my studded booties!)

 photo P1090327_zps34b79419.jpg
Group photo!

My Outfit:
 photo P1090267_zps5527a8c2.jpg

I added the bolero later because we'd done a group order and were picking up our goods! So yes, there is a bit of lace on the bolero but it didn't count!

For Lolitas who accidentally wore a bit of lace (headdresses and socks were the most common places to overlook) DORO had prepared a funny pair of glasses from Daiso Japan to wear during the self-introduction section. We all ended up having too much fun with the glasses and all took photos!

 photo P1090190_zps9cc2b83e.jpg
Very stylish~

How did you celebrate Internationa Loliday? Read More......

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lolita Styles (by Misako Aoki)

Most Lolitas are already familiar with the basic styles, but the Western and Eastern definition of the styles seem to differ a bit.

This video shows Misako Aoki describing and modeling different styles. Traditional Lolita is what used to be Sweet Lolita, and Sweet Lolita now is a bit more Deco (though not full-on Deco Lolita) and I really like both!

I like the variety shown, though I wouldn't really say a fur beret is "toning down" an outfit at all ;D

What is your favorite style mentioned? How about the one not mentioned (the video only covers the major styles)
I love Sweet Lolita and Traditional Lolita the most! And my favorite substyle is Punk Lolita for sure :3

Read More......

Monday, May 26, 2014

DIY Nail Art Decal

 photo 10372048_10202071044519173_7293387369320708639_n_zpsa2bf1890.jpg
Ooh check out this Pokemon nail art I did on my right hand!
I actually did not paint it directly on, but instead made my own nail decals so I could use my dominant hand to paint and also correct mistakes or start over without needing to remove all the polish on one hand!

 photo 10320612_10202071045839206_5704064365425024672_n_zpse8744ff6.jpg
Here are two more Pokemon! The Clefairy didn't turn out well :( But it's a good try!

I used to spend tons of time on nail art to match my clothes, including recreating Lolita prints from my dresses on my nails. It was a very time-consuming process and exceedingly frustrating when done the day of a meetup, so being able to create a bunch of custom nail decals ahead of time is quite nifty.

Nail Polish in your colors of choice
A plastic sheet such as a file folder, plastic bag, etc. A firm but flexible surface works best!
Clear nail polish
Dotting tool, pins, pencils, brushes, etc. to help you with detail designs
Acrylic paint if you don't have all the polish colors you need (use only small amounts because it's inflexible)

Paint a base. Make sure it is opaque and try to keep the edges neat.

Add your details. Let the colors dry between layers so they don't mix. Try to keep the colors opaque but not too thick or the decal becomes thick overall and may be more difficult to use because it is stiffer.

Top Coat
Brush a layer of clear polish over the whole design, giving yourself a wide margin. The clear polish will make it easier for you to lift up the decal when dried.

This is the most tedious part, because you just really want to pick it up and see if it's worked! Let it dry for several hours. Even if the top layer is dry, touching it too early may squish the bottom layers and make your design blobby (the same thing that happens to manicures when you try using your hands before they are fully dry!)

Peel and Stick!
Use a pin or dotting tool to pick at the edges of your dry decal and slowly peel it away from the plastic surface. Being able to bend the surface away from the decal will be a big help, too. Trim the edges as needed so fewer air bubble form in the clear edges when you stick them on your nails.

To use, apply a base coat (color or clear) and let it get tacky. Then place your decal on your nail and quickly press out the air bubbles with a pin head, dotting tool, or other small round point. Try to get rid of as many air bubbles as possible, because those are a giveaway that these are not painted directly on your nails!

And then you are done! Tada!

The completed decals can be saved for future use and come off with regular polish remover. I'm not sure how long they keep, though I imagine saving them for too long may cause the polish to become brittle. Have fun and pretty up those nails! Read More......

Friday, May 16, 2014

Lolita and a Nurse, and Interview with Misako Aoki!

Lolita model and Japan Kawaii Ambassador Misako Aoki recently gave an interview about her dual life as a Lolita model and a nurse (and she also is a nurse model now I guess).

I thought the interview was very cute. It has been translated into a few languages, and the English language one is here!

Being able to balance Lolita with a regular job 50-50 is probably a dream for everybody. I know I certainly wish my Lolita life could be incorporated into daily life more!!

What is your regular job/school? I'm really curious about what everybody does and if/how Lolita can be worn at the workplace or at school.

I used to wear Lolita to school every day, but now that I have a morning desk job, I no longer do that. So sad! Read More......

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

All About ME Meetup!

Just kidding the meetup wasn't actually all about me! DORO arranged a meetup because I haven't been to one in over a year! We went to California Pizza Kitchen, an art exhibit to see a friend's artwork, and then went out for dinner. It was a roughly seven-hour long meetup haha~

Unfortunately when I got to CPK the other Lolitas had ordered the group meal which had no vegetarian options, but I did get to try a slice of the dessert pizza, boba milk tea pizza!! Yes, it was invented in Taiwan and is every bit as strange as it sounds. Very yummy though!
 photo 7F8E56FE_130426467834090000_zps542ae9a3.jpg

We got really silly and took photos of us imitating the Thousand Hand GuanYin/KwanYin because... why not?
 photo P1080881_zps51e6d304.jpg
For privacy's sake everybody is a bunny
 photo P1080876_zpsccbac24a.jpg

Walking through the exhibit. LOTS of different artists!
 photo P1080908_zps5343dcd1.jpg

My favorite piece at ANO's exhibit (he's the one with dreads):
 photo P1080897_zps1abb5a66.jpg
It's all 8-bit gaming icons! How many do you recognize?

This is a very fun piece too. It's "Magic Hat"
 photo P1080890_zps01a1fb21.jpg
Oh, it's an 8-bit bunny coming out of an 8-bit hat
 photo P1080889_zpsdabcda1c.jpg
Ok so it's not exactly magic, but it's cute!

Frogger, anybody?
 photo P1080888_zps42993a5f.jpg
There are lots of cars I don't recognize in this one :P

And another interactive piece shows these 8-bit owls and a mommy owl. It's actually a light, so when it's off, you see them chilling on a branch. When the light is turned on, you can see raindrops and the mommy owl's wings stretched out to shield her babies~
 photo P1080886_zps83a020f1.jpg
Super cute!

Hope everybody had a great weekend!
What's your favorite game? Mine is Pokemon for sure :D I actually had my Pokewalker and Pokemon X on me the whole day at the meetup :P
Read More......

Friday, April 18, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Your First Lolita Item

Oh boy, it's been quite some time since I've done a Lolita Blog Carnival post, but this was too good to pass up!

Five years ago, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT opened up lucky packs to overseas buyers. It was... a completely chaotic mess of frantic clicking, overloaded systems, and accidental leaks.

The original page on EGL is here if you want to see our madness

I hadn't been planning on buying anything, but after being in the thread and commenting around I got pretty excited and then went on the BABY site just to check it out. Eventually I was just putting a lucky pack in the cart to see what it'd cost, but then the system screwed up and let several of us order about half an hour to an early for a few minutes. Yes, I was one of those people ^^;

Also, I got TWO in my cart because the system was messing up so much. They shut the shopping system again until the PROPER ordering time, which was midnight in Japan's time zone, but a few of us had already ordered and got confirmation emails so our orders were still valid. BABY later did another round of lucky packs to make up for the fiasco of the first round and forbade anybody who had ordered early from ordering in the second round, but hey, it makes for a great story!

I got two of the same lucky pack, but the main dress was in two different colors (pink and black) so that's nice! I ended up selling a set of the hairpins, but kept everything else. They came with plain knee-high socks and a simple camisole as well as two sets of hairpins. I consider the One-Piece dresses my official first lolita item though! :D Love them still!

Here are some unflattering photos haha:

What was your first Lolita item? If you haven't started obtaining clothing yet, what would you like your first item to be?

 photo 581410_3690648225658_1684158216_n.jpg
Other Lolitas' First Items:
Spoon and Fork
Sparkling Girl
Wonderland Gone Mad
Vanillas Traumfabrik
Whimsical Adventures of Me
The Life of a Lolita
The Beautiful and Damned
Read More......

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Outfit shot!

Thanks for all the positive replies on my previous post! I put on some nicer clothes yesterday, the first day of midterm tests!
The socks I'm wearing are the funniest cute/scary unicorn socks ever! From the top/front it looks very cute, but then you turn it around and realize its got a mouth going down its neck....
I made the skirt and fur ribbon and modified the tank top.

I'm going to try and slowly accept myself and tell myself I do deserve to have pretty clothes! So thanks to the people who encouraged me ^_^ FIGHTING! Read More......

Friday, April 11, 2014

Am I Still Lolita?

It has been quite a long time since I've worn or done or made anything Lolita. I still admire it but I've been rather down on myself this past year and haven't felt like being beautiful.

School and work have both been immensely difficult, so I apologize for the lack of real updates!

For my Fashion Design class we had to choose a brand to introduce to the class (just a very quick, basic overview) and I chose BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT because that is my favorite aesthetic. I made a PPT but I don't think it can be embedded here. I may upload it as a video instead :)

Now, we have to design looks for the brand we chose, so I hope this will help me get back into living the life I really enjoy!

Anybody have any ideas on how to get your kawaii mojo back after you fall out of it? It's been just over a year since I've really Lolita'd it up. Wearing my BTSSB dress for the presentation a couple weeks ago felt really nice, so I'd like to get that feeling back more! Read More......